xxxNifty will be hosting a live stream on July 5th with Stormy Daniels to discuss the future of adult content and crypto

Penthouse Pet of the Century — Stormy Daniels

On 7/5, xxxNifty will be hosting an exclusive first-of-its-kind live stream on their Youtube channel that will explore the major trends and future of the industry. It will feature the renowned adult film star, director, and writer Stormy Daniels, and will be co-hosted by the xxxNifty brand ambassador, and adult star, Cali Carter.

This live stream, which will be in the form of an open discussion, will go over the major changes that have affected the industry, such as Visa and Mastercard banning their services on major adult sites like PornHub, and how blockchain technology may be the solution as traditional institutions continue to pull themselves away from the adult industry.

xxxNifty which launched earlier this year and has already established itself as the marketplace for adult content has been dedicated to creating new revenue streams for content creators and sex workers by using NFTs and blockchain technology.

xxxNifty has had NFT releases with various adult creators to date, with many selling out within minutes — including Cali Carter’s that sold out in the first 10 minutes of being released.

Stormy Daniels, an adult industry veteran, will be providing her thoughts and perspectives on the changing industry and her opinions on crypto entering the space.

Viewers can tune in live at 2 pm PST on the xxxNifty youtube channel.

Visit and follow on Twitter @xxxNifty.


xxxNifty is a new NFT (non-fungible token) platform focused exclusively on adult content, with

the goal of changing the way fans interact with adult content creators. Through NFTs, the

California-based company sells specialty collectible videos, photos and personal items straight

from the stars themselves, using US dollars or cryptocurrency, including xxxNifty’s own native

token, $NSFW — creating a whole new way of interacting with your favorite performer. For more info, visit

Buy $NSFW on PancakeSwap:



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