THOTful Thursday with Ella Donella

Ella is a member of our Creator Support team, in addition to the breadth of knowledge she has regarding crypto and NFTs, she also creates her own stunning artwork.

Working for xxxNifty is merely the tip of the iceberg, she also has a full-time job, streams, and creates content. It’s honestly quite the mystery as to how she gets all of this done and is still such a bright, joyous person at all hours of the day.

I was able to chat with Ella for an interview and pick her beautiful brain to get to know this amazing woman better; though after speaking with her, it is probably best to simply call her a nerd ❤️

How did you get into crypto?

I have been interested in crypto since it started, but didn’t actually invest until early 2021. I started streaming on a blockchain based platform and was getting paid in crypto, I used to think crypto was only Bitcoin!

Did crypto lead you to NFTs?

The site I was streaming on is what led me to NFTs, actually.

Since you’re a streamer, what is your most memorable moment?

Cooking and cosplay streams are the most fun, I also enjoy when I am the most myself. I do gaming as well, but cooking and cosplay streams are when I am most… me. The interaction with chat is also a lot of fun!

Your current favorite game and your all-time favorite game?

My current favorite game is Gods Unchained, which is a card-based NFT game.

All-time favorites are Tetris and Bioshock. Bioshock is a lot of fun, but Tetris is a game I can play forever. They are two very different games, for sure.

First card ever gotten?

The first card I ever got was a Pokémon card… a Pokémon card that I stole from my brother. I can’t remember which Pokémon it was, but it was definitely a water-type.

Biggest collection of cards?

Back when I used to play more card-based games Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft trading card game. The WOW card game didn’t last long, unfortunately…

What class do you play?

Support class or a tank “beefy boy”

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Both. Star Trek has so much more to watch in terms of shows, but Star Wars is still really good too. I love them both the same.

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Article written by Silfy_Star

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