Welcome to Pleasurely: the Web3 Adult Social Platform to Beat OnlyFans

The adult industry is a major player in the economy, and few industries can boast as much income and profit. Despite this, content creators in this space face many issues. These range from monetizing their creations, how safe their content is, and what steps they need to take to protect themselves from being exposed. Because of the stigma associated with the industry, many people are hesitant to speak up about their profession, fearing judgment or repercussions in other areas of their life. Pleasurely is a new Web3 platform that uses blockchain to change how this industry operates.

Built on the Polygon blockchain protocol, Pleasurely is on a mission to create an easy-to-use environment that empowers creators with all the tools necessary for success and provides a secure method of payment. Pleasure Network is creating a platform that will provide anonymity and security to its creative users to help them create content without having their income blocked by any financial institution or fear of content removal. In the wake of censorship and online elimination of adult content on many platforms, the team is leveraging developments in blockchain technology to give creators full control over their work and streamline the monetization process. The brainchild platform for creators, Pleasurely is committed is bridging the gap between unrestricted content and financial security for all users.

First, Pleasurely is a safe platform creators and users as user’s content is stored on the decentralized platform where only creators can access it, including videos and images uploaded. Pleasurely is contracted with Sumbsub, where it has the creators’ KYC data stored. Sumsub uses new AI technology to ensure the identities of the creators are protected. That feature allows creators complete anonymity while posting content, letting them express themselves freely without fear of judgment or censorship.

Efficient payout is the other perk users on Pleasurely enjoy. With crypto, the Pleasure Network can maintain a secure database that no one can manipulate. This feature ensures there is no erasure of security, unlike in centralized payment platforms, and thus eliminating the risk of content creators having their assets blocked or frozen. Because payments and interaction between fans and creators occur on the Pleasurely platform, users only interact with the environment using the NSFW token. And once a transaction is completed, it’s complete, and there’s no chance of reversing it. According to the developers, Pleasurely’s parent company has launched the Pleasure Coin (NSFW), a crypto token used within the Pleasure Network. In the coming days, users will use the NSFW to purchase content once Pleasurely’s payments systems are live, which will further protect content creators from chargebacks.

Other benefits Pleasurely’s users will enjoy include access to an interactive community, numerous resources, and a connection to a larger ecosystem of adult tech. The team’s goal is to create an environment where everyone can freely create and share their work without fear of censorship or retribution, while still getting paid. Pleasurely’s developers are excited about the possibilities this brings to create a more inclusive environment where all types of content can thrive equally and no one gets left out for any reason.

If you are a creator and you’re looking for a safe and anonymous adult social platform, you can sign up now to our Pleasurely Beta!

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